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We're raising money for Mental Health!


Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 and men are continually failing to tackle mental health issues and connect with what help is out there. We're playing football to address the issue, get men talking and stand up against suicide.

This May, over 250 footballers are going to play in a professional stadium at QPR to compete in the Mental Health World Cup 2022. We're hoping to smash the £40,000 we raised for CALM and the QPR Community Trust in 2019 so please give generously to this important cause.

If you would like to come down and be part of the day, head on over to the Buy Tickets page for spectator tickets.



Every working day, two construction workers take their own lives. This is a truly harrowing statistic.  As a company working within this industry it is our responsibility to help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.


Alongside many other wellbeing and mental health initiatives, last year we introduced the Maylim Wellbeing 5-a-side League. We have found that exercise, teamwork and socialising in this way has really helped to boost positivity and initiate more open and honest conversations about mental health.

We were absolutely thrilled to have got a place in this year’s Mental Health World Cup. We can’t wait to get on the pitch and to meet supporters of not only football but, most importantly, fellow supporters of suicide prevention.

Kerr Hardiman

Tom Carter

Paddy O’Donovan

Tom Clark

Jack Skinner

Ciaran Flynn

Umut Guzeller

Sam Simpson



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