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5 a side World Cup 2016

In summer 2016 the UK were going mad for UEFA Euro 2016 - but we had our own International Football Tournament going on. It was the first year our 5 a Side World Cup had played at the Arsenal Hub in North London and we could not have been more excited! Then named the Lan the Baron World Cup, after our founder's brother, Lanfranco Gaglione, we had an epic day, complete with computer game tournament thrown in for good measure.

Now three years later, the Mental Health World Cup just keeps getting better and this year our aspirations have been realised: The tournament this year will be played in the incredible Loftus Road Stadium at QPR. To all our supporters who have been coming along for the last 7 years, and to all of our incredible supporters this year - thank you! We can't wait for the 12th May. If you want to put together a team and / or become a valued sponsor do get in touch!

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