Fixtures & Results

Find out what group you're in and who you're going to be up against.  Scroll down to view or click the button below to see all the live results on the day


Pitch White
Portugal vs China


Pitch White

Senegal vs Cameroon


Pitch White
New Zealand vs Australia


Pitch White

Colombia vs France

Pitch Yellow
Mexico vs Czech Republic

Pitch Green

India vs Japan


Pitch White

Uruguay vs Canada

Pitch Yellow
England  vs Phillipines

On the day, at 12pm we will lose half of the 32 teams as we enter the Knockout phase of the competition.. but we want everyone who attends to get as much time on the pitch as possible so we've setup a mini league after for each team to have one more match on the special pitch. Refer to this section on the day to find out who you're playing and on what pitch.